Girlfriend Roleplays the Elephant in the Room

It's undeniable that girlfriend roleplay ASMR videos are some of the most popular. Some artist pretty much launched there career on the back of a couple very popular girlfriend videos for example GwenGwiz. However it's a controversial topic in ASMR. Many fans and artist feel there is no place for videos of this type.

You might ask yourself why are they so controversial? Most in the ASMR community want to keep ASMR separate from sex because ASMR already has a stigma to the outside. Although for many ASMR and sex are separate enjoyments girlfriend videos to the outside seem to look like the later.

Many ASMR artist feel uncomfortable making girlfriend role plays. I have heard several artist say they either will not make a girlfriend video or will not again. When looking at patreon tiers many artist whom make custom videos say they will not do a girlfriend roleplay. So one must ask why do they feel this way? There is no doubt on the surface the idea of a girlfriend roleplay feels a little creepy. Most artist likely have a boyfriend/girlfriend and are probably considering that persons feelings. Finally all ASMR artist have to consider the psycho fan for whom the lines of fantasy and reality are blurred.

Given this topic I however suggest girlfriend roleplays satisfies the viewers want for love rather than lust. In a good relationship both the needs of love and lust are satisfied by the same person. For those who are not in a relationship it's natural to fantasize about having a significant other. It's pretty easy to find a video that satisfies ones need for lust after all the internet is built on the backbone of pornography. Satisfying ones want for love however is a tougher nut to crack. ASMR videos are one of the few ways a single person can suspend reality and feel like they are loved if only for a few moments.

When you watch a girlfriend roleplay you'll notice that most are caring and lovey. I believe even kiss sound trigger videos are rooted in ones want for love. Artist like Muuchan and softlygaloshes specialize in the sweeter side of ASMR and have many girlfriend roleplay videos. Some of the most popular girlfriend videos are probably sweeter than the reality of a normal relationship. Even artist whom blur the line between ASMR and sex like ASMRotica might be a little more scantly clothed during the video, but they tend to play a loving affectionate girlfriend and make very little reference to sex.

I feel most people whom watch girlfriend videos are those whom are single at the moment and want to get to sleep. I suspect everybody has had that situation where they were trying to sleep wishing they had a significant other lying next to them. In such cases one pretends a person they know, met of went to school with is lying next to them in an effort to get to sleep. I think the roots of ASMR has something to do with the need for human contact. There is no more satisfying human contact than the love of a significant other. Even those whom are in a loving relationship can not be with there sole mate all of the time so when feeling lonely they might use a girlfriend or boyfriend roleplay to get to sleep.

In the end I understand why it may seem a little creepy to an ASMR artist to make a girlfriend roleplay. I however want to suggest to them that they are helping thousands of people to relax and in the end doesn't everybody want in the words of Freddie Murcery “somebody to love”.

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