Does Gender Matter in ASMR?

Since the first whisper videos on youtube most artist and fan alike have had opinions on gender and ASMR. Some viewers enjoy watching men only, some women, others both. Some male artist feel its nearly impossible to build a large follow, other disagree, when it comes to gender and ASMR it’s a hot topic. I hope my thoughts can bring a little clarity on the subject.

No matter what your preference is you’d be hard pressed to find somebody that does not agree male artist have a more difficult time getting subscribers, but the real question is why? When talking to artist although it varies the clear consensus is there are more male ASMR fans than female fans. An example that lends credibility to this assertion is Gibi’s monthly name trigger video. When watching you’ll notice most names she reads off are male. Although there are no hard and fast rules to any one persons preferences, I think it’s safe to say a higher percentage of male viewers prefer female artist than do female viewers. It hard to say exactly why this is but I do have a hunch. I would not call ASMR an erotic experience, but I do think it’s an intimate experience similar to perhaps a massage. Just like a massage everybody has there gender preferences, but when you boil it down statistically you’d find a large majority prefer a female message therapist. Perhaps the same can be said about ASMR.

One might say if it’s so hard for male artist to make it how do you explain Raffy Taphy or Tony Bomboni? I would certainly not say it’s impossible for a male artist to gain a large following, but both the above mentioned artist have one unique thing in common, they have been around a long time. When talking to artist who have been making videos for 2 years or more they all agree in recent time there percentage of new subscribers whom are male has been increasing. Given they slowly increasing male makeup of the ASMR fan base it certainly puts are large strain on a new male artists ability to gain subscribers. One would be hard pressed to name a new male artist who has reached 50,000 subscribers in less than one year, but it would be easy to name half a dozen female artist. I’ve had male artist tell me they have to do twice the work to get half of the subscribers compared to there female counterparts. The irony is not lost on me that to this day women are able to make the same claim in most other facets of life.

Another facet that puts the squeeze on a new male artist is fans changing tastes. Although male artist run the gambit men have often been the sound lab style artist where women tend do a larger variety of triggers not just audio. Recently personal attention and visual triggers have been becoming more and more popular. It’s hard to argue any genre is more popular than roleplays. Other genres that tend to be increasing in popularity are kisses and ear eating which are dominated by female artist. On positive note for male artist some have been experiencing success with roleplays using a horror theme.

I’m certainly not writing this to discourage male artist from trying, I just feel it’s important we understand the challenges male artist face. Some might say it’s sexist for man to prefer only female artist. I would suggest nobody has any control over there ASMR preferences. A fan whom prefers only female artist understands they should like both, but remember ASMR is candy for the brain. The brain enjoys what it enjoys no matter what your conscious mind tells it.

15 thoughts on “Does Gender Matter in ASMR?”

  1. Great post! As a male ASMR consumer, I do tend to prefer a female artist but I have been recently expanding my watchlist. As a male ASMR creator, I try to focus on making content I am passionate about. IMO, when you do something you love and continually work on improving your craft, subs will come.

    1. Thanks, I am writing this not to discourage but to explain. I think many of us male artist are making content that are not our own triggers, still it might give us the ability to look outside our own art better.

  2. Of course gender matters, that’s obvious, but it’s not the be all, end all. Do females have it easier than males in creating an ASMR channel, of course they do. It’s no coincidence that the most popular female creators, while talented in making videos, also happen to be very attractive. But I think the overall content of their videos is what propels them into being popular. It’s the tingles delivered in a very pretty package. There have been studies that show men and women and even babies prefer to look at pretty faces over ugly ones. It’s just the way humans are wired. But creating your own theme, making your own niche will help overcome some of those setbacks. Putting out quality ASMR is the first step and do it consistently. Everything will come after, and if you are genetically bless with a pretty face/handsome face and it helps get you views, so be it.

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  4. Very insightful post, I’ve often thought about this topic and came to the same conclusion you did, it’s the intimacy I think that helps women to secure that large percentage of male viewers.

    1. Thank you. I honestly think intimacy is the backbone behind many triggers. Mouth sounds, breathing, skin sounds, hand movements, face touching, etc. All of these triggers simulate the artist being inches away from the viewer.

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